International shipping

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  • from Europe to Russia and the CIS countries
  • from Russia and the CIS countries to Europe

Types of transported goods

  • Complete
  • Container

Types of services

  • Transit - CMR processing - cargo loading - car delivery, loading control, fastening control, cargo quantity and condition control, document control
  • Customs transit - cargo control, compliance with the ESTR, responsibility for customs payments
  • Border crossing - control of a vehicle, cargo of documents, veterinary, sanitary and other types of controls, preparation of transit documents
  • Delivery to the consignee’s warehouse - cargo reception, CMR clearance


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Fast - Customs clearance takes 1-2 days
Convenient - cargo consolidation option
Stable - The rate does not change after calculation and approval
Economically - transportation of large volumes of goods
Reliable - insurance of all transported goods
Multipurpose - the ability to transport a variety of goods
Correct execution of accompanying, export and transit documents (EX-1, T-1)
Constant tracking of cargo. Our experts can always let you know where the cargo is.
Safe - we work in accordance with the law