Employees are the main value of VEZU

VEZU is good example of rapid development and growth that would not have been possible without talented and professional employees. The company's specialists are ambitious and passionate about logistics. In turn, we appreciate their efforts, give them the opportunity to become masters of the supply chain and maintain a culture of cooperation. In the ranks of its employees, the company is looking for people who share the same passion, drive and commitment. Are you one of them? But, before you decide to do transport and logistics, you must first find out what it is.

Transport and Logistics are the people’s business

Every person and every industry in the world is influenced by and dependent on transport and logistics. Consequently, many diverse professions are available in this ever-changing sector. People who work in the field of transport and logistics are constantly in tension. The industry must be flexible in order to take into account the influence of public opinion, government decisions and environmental factors.

Freight and passenger transportation will not work efficiently without processes, rules and strategies that control and influence every activity. Important decisions must be made before the goods are shipped across the country. It is here that office workers play an integral role in the supply chain and freight forwarding process management chain. 

After all the departments of planning, management and backstage work have contributed, it is people like truck drivers who take responsibility for the transport of goods, guaranteeing their safety and timely delivery to the client’s door. These employees are the true driving force in the industry.

It takes a lot of different skills for different modes of transport and logistics, but the only thing you really need is an interest in becoming part of an industry that makes things spin around the world.

Imagine yourself literally or metaphorically at the wheel?

With such a huge number of career opportunities for you, of course, you will find a place as a driving force in the transport and logistics sector.

VEZU provides opportunities to join exciting projects, cope with difficult tasks and take responsibility to make important decisions. You will work with people who are proud of what they are doing and who have a positive outlook on life.

If you are ready to move forward with us, we will definitely find work for you!


From the professionalism of our drivers depends the timely delivery and safety of the cargo

Industry solutions

Driving a heavy vehicle requires not only great experience, but also a quick reaction, self-confidence and determination


Delivery team specialists are well oriented in the city and will find a way out of any situation in order to deliver the goods on time. 

To make a cabinet or a kitchen from a set of boards and fixtures, you will need not only a screwdriver but also the high skill of the whole team, creativity and an individual approach to each order

Vacancies for executives, managers, administrative staff of the office and projects
Vacancies for drivers and workers
We offer
Opportunity for career and professional growth
Participation in the development of new company projects
Individual motivation depending on the work results
Support from experienced colleagues
Ability to choose a work schedule
Open vacancies
Published 26.01.2022
Ночной помощник логиста
Published 26.01.2022
Специалист по эксплуатации автотранспортных средств
Управление персоналом
Published 26.01.2022
Менеджер по продажам логистических услуг
Published 26.01.2022
Оператор склада
Административный персонал
Published 26.01.2022
success story
Artem Noskov
Head of Logistics Dept.

“I come in 2012 with the post of coordinator of the logistics department. A great desire to work and a willingness to learn from more experienced colleagues helped to achieve results and get promotion. I like that we do not stand still and evolve all the time - the company acquire equipment, develops new areas, increases the staff, new positions appear - all this  - opens up great opportunities for career growth ”

Jobs for office staff
Svetlana Buzina
Head of Human Resources
Отдел персонала
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Otdel kadrov
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Руководитель отдела КДП
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