In August 2014, "Petrowizard" CISC celebrated its 19th   anniversary.   Since the company’s founding and throughout its almost two decades of market operations,"Petrowizard"has  continued tobe a paragon of openness, professionalism and  reliability. 

Constantly striving to refine its business processes and pursue dynamic development, the company took a logical approach to the necessity of updating its corporate communications. The company’s symbolic, signature systems — brand, identity, image — could not help but be impacted by the latest technologies involved in developing an effective communications product.


Phase one of "Petrowizard’s" rebranding was its new website —, whose domain name echoes the sound of its logo — the succinct and universally-recognizable "VEZU".


Over time, the type logo, with its simple geometric shape, will acquire powerful yet subtle graphic “support” which, when used in harmonious combination, will result in the emergence of the new signature style "VEZU" CJSC, reflecting the company’s core business and projecting its overarching idea – high-quality shipping and impeccable service.